Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello! I just checked your suggestions (songs that you want me to translate to English) today and I'm just so sorry because that might have made me seem like a snob. I'll have the translations you want up by Sunday! I'm just a bit busy due to exams but I'll surely get to you on that. Thank you for your patience, and your messages made me happy. I hope you do not get tired of my blog :-)

*Edit: Guys, I just want to remind you that I can only translate stuff into English. I don't know any other languages except Filipino(Tagalog) and English. While I do have approximate knowledge in some other languages, I don't expect myself to be translating stuff into those languages unless I have totally mastered them. (And when I do, you can probably just find a new blog by me in the future, lol) That is all. Thank you for understanding!

Until then,
✿ Starry Starry 

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